Ronin Blockchain and GoSun Memorandum of Understanding

Vancouver, British Columbia – Ronin Blockchain has entered into an arm's length legally binding Memorandum of Understanding dated December 13th, 2017 with GoSun Group ("GoSun") under which the Company will acquire space in and maintain certain cryptocurrency mining data centres ("Data Centres") currently operated by GoSun in China.   The first 10 Data Centres, which  will be operational in January 2018 will utilize cutting edge computing components and infrastructure design to mine crypto currencies at industrial scale. 

Based on the computational capacity of the first 10 Data Centre, Ronin Blockchain will immediately become the largest crypto mining company in Canada.  By 2019 the company will be the largest crypto mining company in the world.

GoSun is one of China's leading data centre technology firms and also has one of the fastest networks in China.   GoSun ( is a public company traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 000971.SZ ) The Company and Ronin Blockchain have partnered with the common goal of developing the worlds largest crypto mining company through the development of industrial mining infrastructure.   This transaction positions Ronin Blockchain with the ability to become a global cryptocurrency miner in the best location (over 75% of all crypto mining is mined in China) with low energy and labor costs. The mining opportunity with GoSun is scalable and Ronin Blockchain will be the largest crypto mining company in the world by 2019.

The market for cryptographic currencies has increased to over U$275 billion for the top 10 currencies as of November 25th, 2017 and continues to grow, but there are limited ways for investors to gain access. Ronin Blockchain intends to provide investors with profitable, de-risked exposure to leading mining infrastructure and the mined cryptographic currencies themselves.

Darcy Taylor