Ronin Blockchain Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Datametrex AI Limited. Ronin's business model is based on a centralized AI powered mining platform to operate a geo-diversified footprint of industrial scale Blockchain mining operations. 

Ronin has the potential to deploy state of the art mining capability across high value mining locations in North America, Asia, and Europe from a centralized command centre to maximize efficiency and profitability for GPU-based mining.

Additionally, Ronin will also investigate further use of its expertise in software development and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to develop future revenue streams within the Blockchain space.

A Datametrex AI Company (TSXV: DM)


The Ronin Advantage



Strategic Partner

Our 1st step toward our vision is our partnership with GoSun Technologies, one of China’s leading hosting and network providers, founded in 2006 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 000971.SZ.

The GoSun partnership provides us access to the World’s largest Blockchain mining market with the fundamental drivers for success; fast internet connections, low cost energy delivery, proximity to miners and equipment producers.

GoSun’s expertise in large bandwidth data centers, procurement power for state of the art mining equipment and operating cost management places Ronin Blockchain at a competitive advantage.



Ronin Blockchain’s access to the most widely distributed nodes provider in China, with 4500G of bandwidth and more than 90 IDC high quality facilities provides instant scale with the high quality infrastructure for success.

Ronin’s proprietary software will monitor the cryptocurrency market with the goal of ensuring that our facilities are optimised for the most profitable crypto currency mining at any given time.


Early Mover

First industrial blockchain mining company with access to Chinese mining infrastructure.

Ability to accelerate development of blockchain infrastructure sector to improve the future of computing and create sustainable long-term shareholder value.

Ronin Blockchain Corp. has a vision to be the largest industrial crypto mining company in the world and has the partnerships, team and know how to succeed.